50th Anniversary Muslim/Christian Pilgrimage
in Vieux-Marché, Brittany, France 23-25 July, 2004

(More photos can be found on web page for Chapter 8 of
Dialogues With Saints and Mystics by Dorothy C. Buck)

Village square of Seven Sleepers: preparation for Fire of Joy

Creperie on Seven Sleepers village square

Tribute to Louis Massignon on Seven Sleepers village square

Chapel of the Seven Sleepers, near Vieux-Marché

Le Madrigal de Bretagne, directed by Michel Macé
prepares for the Friday evening concert in chapel

Colloquium in Vieux-Marché on Saturday

Icon donated by Russian Orthodox Monastery

Entrance to the crypt under the Chapel of the Seven Sleepers

Interior of crypt with statues from original altar

Altar of chapel with donated icon

Traditional Sunday afternoon feast