The Basilica dedicated to St. Lydwine and Our Lady of the Rosary
(Liduina of Schiedam, Holland, 1380-1433)

Exterior of the basilica, originally constructed in 1880


View toward main altar

View toward main entrance


Main altar


Side entrance


Mary altar



St. Lydwine chapel near main entance

Statue of St. Lydwine

Bas relief of St. Lydwine

Left window

Right window


St. Lydwine chapel at front of basilica

Altar to St. Lydwine


Left side of altar


Right side of altar


Window near St. Lydwine altar

Windows behind St. Lydwine altar


St. Lydwine's life by Jan Dunselman (1863-1931), painted circa 1901

Side window above paintings of St. Lydwine's life


Lydwine honoring a statue of Our Beloved Lady in St. Janskerk


Lydwine's fall on the ice near Kreupelstraat (1395)


Dr. Godfried Sonderdanck visiting with his son Willem at Lydwine's sickbed


The invasion of the soldiers called PicardiŽrs (1425)


Lydwine's vision of meeting Jesus on a pilgimage to the Holy Land


Lydwine giving alms from her purse, which was always full


Lydwine's house is spared during the burning of Schiedam


The heavenly hosts appear before Lydwine and her family