Pierre Roche, 1855-1922
(Ferdinand Massignon, Louis Massignon's father)

Art Works by Pierre Roche, artist, sculptor, and engraver.

The Virgin of Chartres

Christine L'Admirable

Bust of J-K Huysmans found in the garden at Saint Severin Church in Paris

Bust of J-K Huysmans
in the Massignon home


Joris-Karl Huysmans, 1848-1907

A bronze medal of Saint Joan of Arc reads: Jeanne avait pour prier la croix de son épee.(Joan had the cross of her sword for prayer) Created in 1918 and always found on the work table in his studio. (Photo by Daniel Massignon 12/1/2000)

L'Effort by Pierre Roche, found in the Luxembourg Gardens

Close-up view of above

Nativity scene by Pierre Roche with Joseph cradling the infant and Mary in repose after having given birth

Louis Massignon is buried in the cemetary in Pordic. The Seven Mercies sculpted by his father decorate the burial chapel door.